Sunday, March 6, 2011

So we added to our little family on June 29, 2010. Taycie Camryn Nelson arrived at 12:45 in the morning on my sister Alyssa's 16th birthday!  She came 3 weeks before her actual due date. weighed 6 pounds 2 ounces and was 19 inches long. I went into labor on sunday night, literally about 5 minutes after Cam left to go to work. He was currently working on a drilling rig out in corinne and never had his phone on him until he got off the next morning. So after i started having contractions, i laid on the couch for about a half hour and finally called my mom. I drove to her house and we left to go to the hospital. i tried to call Cam several times, text him and left a message. I was sure if anything happened that night he was going to miss it. Miraculously Cameron had a short break at work and checked his phone in the truck. He met my dad and they were both on their way! We arrived at the Ogden Regional Hospital , Me, Mom, Chelsy and Alyssa. They checked me in, i had to change and just lay there. When they checked me i was 100% thinned and only dilated to a 1. So they gave me a shot of morphine, which knocked me out, so Cameron and I spent the night at my sister Kayli's house so we were close. I was awake all night tossing and turning and hardly slept. The next day (Monday) i had my 27 week check up with my doctor. The appt. was scheduled at 2:50, so we decided to go home get some extra stuff and make sure we didn't forget anything. When we went back down we went to Target and got some little premie outfits and a bottle just in case. So, 2:50 came around and we headed to my appt. I sat there in pain till they finally hooked me up to this machine to watch my contractions. The doctor called me back, checked me and i was at a 4! He sent me to the hospital right then and we immediately went and got my epidural. I laid in labor for about 8 hours until they said we were ready. I pushed for about an hour and she was here!! She was so cute and tiny and everything we hoped for! it was perfect.
Hey! we're the Nelson's, Cameron , Kytie and Taycie.
Cameron and I made the best and most important decision in our lives and got married on April 16,2010. it was the best day ever! It was the first friday of Spring Break and the weather was fabulous! We got married at about 11:00 in the morning and had lunch at Maddox after. We all hung out until the reception which started about 6:30. It was awesome all of our good friends and family showed up. Our colors were pink and black, my favorite and everything turned out great ( even though we planned it in 6 weeks) I loved everything bout that day and am so glad i married my best friend! Our 1st year anniversary is coming up soon . . . :)